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Price: the average check rub.2,500

Located under a glass dome on a 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage, White Rabbit is the first joint project of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin.

Beautiful, modern and daring in its own way. Here for the first time Russian cuisine sounds in unison with the latest culinary trends and Russian products rise to a height of recognized delicacies. Want borsch soup? Try ours, with fried crucians, baked beans and turnip crisps. Do you know how delicious can veal tongue be?

Taste it cooked in a shape of famous Russian “Lakomka” ice cream, cooked into a bird cherry dough with morel sauce. Every dish from White Rabbit menu is a result of a long work, gastronomical expeditions and a special respect for traditions.

Daily Menu



Braised lamb neck with fried oyster mushrooms and smoked pear sauce /110/45/80 g 890 Milk veal brisket with grilled corn, nettle and young potatoes /85/140/30 g 990 Elk cutlets with mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and hawthorn /140/100/50 g 980 Tongue of the calf a-la Lakomka stewed in a test of the bird-cherry tree with morel sauce and mashed potatoes /200/90/30 g

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  • Address 3 Smolenskaya square, 16th floor, Moscow, Russia

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