What additional services do you offer?

* business and travel accommodation

* registration of companies

* licenses, certificates
* banking accounts
* accounting

* internet shops and systems

* domains, hosting and sites support
* merchant accounts (paypal, Yandex.money, WM, QIWI, 100+ other)

* translation services
* sites translation, documents translation
* Visa service

* investment opportunities in Russia (from 3- 5%/year)

* real offices, branches  and shops

call +7 495 7202036 or send us your questions:

Is it difficult to add a listing in your catalog?

Listing in our catalog does not require any special knowledge. You need only quality materials for placement – photos, videos, contacts, addresses, websites, other information about your offerings or other events that you want to advertise. For listing you should choose a paid or free plan, and after the registration carefully and correctly fill out all the fields and items. After that, your proposal will be sent for moderation. If the materials submitted by you will comply with the requirements of the catalogue in the next 48 hours they will appear in it.

Can I place my listing for free?

Yes, you can advertise free of charge within the free listing or a trial plan for a limited time, after moderation. However, we pay serious attention to the quality of the  listings in our catalogue, so we ask you to place only interesting trade, services and other offers in quality performance. We pay attention also to the translation quality of the data. Listings in our catalogue can be placed only in English. For listings in Russian please use our Russain catalogue. For paid customers we offer a high-quality service for the processing of your data for presentation in our catalogue. Call +7 903 7202036 for details.

How it works?

STEP 1: You decide where you need to promote your business?  The RusExpoTrade  catalogues are your best parners. You only need to contact us.
STEP 2: We help and advice you about successful campaign ideas that will help your unique business, and your product types.
STEP 3: Your unique, exclusive promotion is then posted in few our directories (depends of type of your business)  and the orders come directly to your sales team.
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